"My wound existed before you reached out and touched me in that sensitive place. I love when you wound me. You show me where I need to heal apart of my self. You give me the opportunity to either bless or cruse you; love or fear you; accept or reject you; In reality you can never hurt me, that is the illusion I need to heal. Because that part of who I am is eternal. This body is not who I am, it clothes who I am. When I think you wound me, I believe that I can be hurt. I believe there is a me. I believe I am the body. Therefore, it is my identification with the thought that you can wound me and without the thought I am at peace. I am in Heaven. Each moment I am choosing to either love or condemn my brothers and sisters. I forgive myself for establishing the wound, by giving up the misperception that you hurt me, and I heal a separation (you and me) that only has occurred in my mind."

Marcus Thomas

"The greatest acceptance is to accept yourself as you are right now, and not for who you want to be. To accept others for who they are, not for who you want them to be. To accept Life as it is this moment, not for what you want it to be. By releasing your expectations about how you want outer circumstances to be, you bring an inner acceptance to what appears and your state of peace remains unshakable regardless of how life appears. This is love without conditions. Experiencing your self as life unfolding, participating and being."

Marcus Thomas

"If you want to step outside the vicious psychology of the world, you must stop the game of projection. This game hides your unconscious death urge behind a façade of blame and conditional morality. It is ironic, indeed, but at the very instant at which you are proclaiming your innocence at your brother’s expense, you are also reinforcing your own feelings of guilt and inferiority. There is no way out of the circle of blame but to stop blaming. Yet, be prepared. If you would step off the wheel of suffering, you may find that you aren’t very popular. Anyone who would acknowledge his own fear without projecting it threatens the world’s game. Anyone who would own his murderous thoughts and seek to find their roots within consciousness threatens the moral fabric of society."

Love without Conditions, Paul Ferrini

Article: Attending To Your Own Garden

Attending to your own garden

Within your own consciousness, grown are the seeds of fears, sown from past moments. Not attending to your own garden, those seeds have sprouted to weeds and have been nurtured by the energy of fear. Overtime, that energy continues to create a physical density over your body. Draining the life force from you. You develop illnesses, stress, pain experience suffering. Life becomes stagnant, you keep holding on to what was or what might happen, rather than letting the fear go. These fears are just thoughts, you have believed and made manifest within your body. In essence, their not real. They only have the power you have given them.

To overcome your fear, follow this exercise:

What have you been afraid of?
What or who do you believe is stopping you from being who you desire to be? Why?
Where do you experience fear in your body?

Visualize your self in a garden.
Go there to that place where your fear is, see it as a weed to pluck from the garden.
Consciously relax and breathe deeply.
Allow the fear to rise up and be present.
Imagine what it would be like to let go the fear.
Meet the fear with absolute love and acceptance.
Notice that it does not hurt you.
Pull the weed out, release it, and lay it down.
If there is another fear, notice it, feel it, pull it out.
Remain calm as you breathe through this process.
Experience any fear that comes up.

Looking now at your fears from the perspective of being aware of it, what have you learned?
What new awareness do you have now that you didn’t before?
How might your new perspective change your behavior in the future?

Article: Life Is A Service of God or Self

A man serves God, by serving each other. It is through his love for himself, that he serves his brothers and sisters. His brothers and sisters are not just of his own family, but humanity at large. He shares his material wealth with those who need it. Gives food to those who are hungry. Teaches those who has a burning desire for learning. Through sharing his gifts, his energy, his precious time here on Earth, he has more to give to others. Knowing that all he has comes from God alone.

Just as love is not bound one strand alone it is bound by many strands of life, a boundless love which encompasses all beings as itself. His service through right action, is not only his reward, but shared by everyone and God as well. For my Father and I are One.

When a man does not serve God, and lives to serve himself. He stores up wealth for himself. He does not desire to share his love, his wisdom, his possessions, his power with others. He does things for his own benefit, because he is unaware whence all that he has been given came from. His heart is cold, for he harms his brothers and sisters. He oppresses them, steals, murders, rapes and controls them, because he himself fears what he does and has done to others.

But, it is not for you or I to judge, criticize or harm him. For, what have he learned if you become just like him if you judge, attack or punish him? Nothing. If you love him, he knows you are merciful as your God is merciful. If you accept him, he knows you are loving as your God is loving. And, he begins to see the results of his own actions and he may ask for forgiveness.

You can only teach love, by being loving towards your brother and sister and by resisting hating him. You can only teach peace, by being peaceful towards your brother and sister, by refusing not to attack him. You can only teach equality, by treating your brothers and sisters as equals, by resisting prejudice, specialness and exclusivity.

By example, you teach your brothers and sisters. By your example, they see that they can live as you do as well. And, by your example, they come to know the Christ, the love of the Father and the love for his sons and daughters as well.


Article: What is required for “you” to just be yourself?

Absolutely nothing, is required for you to be you.

Simply existing, just as you are without wanting or desiring but resting in the contentment of who you are, is your natural inheritance.

A rose doesn’t require or need anything outside itself to be what it is. Its beauty rests in being. It simply is itself. As above, as so below it is with you.

If circumstances or conditions outside you have to be “right,” “perfect,” in order for you to be happy, loving, sex, money, addictions, etc; then you have given your power away. But, only in your mind.

You have projected the belief you are “powerless” onto something or someone outside, that you believe that has the power to give you what it is you believe you do not have, to make you happy, loving, sexy, wealthy, purposeful, etc;

As long as you hold the belief in “lack” you will experience not having what it is you believe you need.

It is only this thought that I am “lacking” that needs to be corrected. Their is no “must, should or shouldn’t, or ought.”

Inquire about this and you will see that it is only a concept.

There is simply this, existence without conditions.

Nothing more or less.

"Men call me Christ, and God has recognized the name; but Christ is not a man. The Christ is universal love, and Love is king."


"The kingdom of God is within. The temples are not to separate God from man. The temples are to be a place of union. Man should be able to come into the holy space, and invite God directly into his heart. Not through sacrifices, not through intercessions, but be allowed to stand on that holy ground and commune directly with God."

Dolores Cannon, They Walked with Jesus

"God is with us, in every breath we take. He is part of us. He lives within us. We are God in physical form. We are It. It’s not some thing far away that we cannot attain to. We are not unworthy rabble. We are each holy, each given these beliefs, and we have that essence of holiness. It*s just so covered up that it can*t shine forth."

Dolores Cannon, They walked with Jesus

Article: What you resist, persist. What you accept, dissolves.

What you resist, persist. What you accept, dissolves.

You have no control over what happens in your life. Yes, you may make choices on a daily basis, but, most things happen regardless of what you think or feel about it. You have free will to choose “how” you either react/act to what happens in your life. One offers an inner acceptance to the outer situation which gives you the clarity to make decisions from a peaceful mind. The other offers you inner resistance to your outer situation, creating total pain and suffering to everything that occurs, because you imagine you don’t have control over your actions or a choice, thereby rendering you a victim and at the mercy of every circumstance. But, that’s the illusion.

Therefore, you see yourself as a fighter against “the enemy” the reality of what happens. You will always fight against what actually happens which always cause you stress, instead of accepting it which is your problem. You can’t make clear decisions if you’re always reacting in anger, frustration, and resistance against life.

Pretending that what is present is not there doesn’t change reality.
Blaming someone else doesn’t change reality.
Neither is being in denial to what is present, change what happens.

Reality is reality and what you make up in your mind, creates the meaning.

Life goes on and always happens no matter what. So give up making life into an enemy, allow it to be your friend, so it can unfold for you and give you what you need verses want. How do you know you need it? Because, you have it at this moment. How do you know you don’t need it? Because, you don’t have it this moment.

Life is the teacher, you’re the student. When the next moment arrives, you will know what to do, just trust in life, in the present moment.

"When you fear what you don’t understand you reject it. When you love what you don’t understand, you open your mind understanding."

Marcus Thomas

"The good news is all of you are sons of God, not just Jesus. He just paved the way for you to live what he taught."

Marcus Thomas

"Whatever you feel or happens today, don’t run away from it. Stay with it, by bringing a inner acceptance to what happens outside you or inside you regardless of the circumstances. If you feel irritated, don’t try to escape it, accept it. If you feel lust don’t try to escape it, accept it. If you feel lazy, don’t try to escape it, accept it. What you try to resist persist. Therefore, running away from discomfort, creates more discomfort. It exacerbates it because, you are trying to get rid of it. If you accept it all, as it is, in this moment for now, it dissolves on it’s own."

Marcus Thomas

"The Divine can never fail you, nor can you fail the Divine. You can make as many errors until you decide to correct them. Unlimited opportunities for growth. That’s how unconditionally loving the Divine is. Failure doesn’t exist in the heart of love. It only exist within our own beliefs, in our minds."

Marcus Thomas

Article: Life Provides You Many Wake-Up Calls

Life wakes you up to who you are not, to point you to who you are.

When you look at suffering as a blessing, it can be a wake up call to pay attention a certain or many areas of you life: Health, Financial, Family, Career, Relationship, etc; to bring you attention to things you have neglected.

Maybe to give up an addiction, pattern, or change your life path.

When you look at pain as a cruse, it can keep you disempowered. You see yourself as a victim, and someone or something outside you is always the cause, but never you. It keeps you what we call hell, until you decide to save yourself.

Yes, it’s all about perception. But, not just perception.

It’s about what you think, which creates your feelings, which creates your re-action in the body, that manifests as your experience.

Until you see that the power is in you to change how you perceive things happening for you or against you.

Life is either blessing you with gifts or you believe life is out to hurt you. One of these is love the other is fear. You are always choosing.