Rejoice for Love is here

There is no time. There is only Now.

Oh, when I look upon you face
my heart is enamored with joy,
my eyes fill up with tears,
because, I see the face of Christ
the face of divine love in your eyes
I weep from such joys, and happiness
because, I’ve missed this for so long,

Ohhh, my Father-Mother God,
I have forgotten how all-encompassing
and boundlessness is your love
and when you see me my brother and sisters
I know you see love, you see the Christ
you see your Father in Heaven
you see yourself
and you remember that love is the only truth
and the rest in this world,
is nothing but an illusion

And, you take this message of love
and you share it with others,
you share it in your walk,
in your talk
in your actions

you refuse to judge your brother,
you choose to hold him or her
in the bosom of acceptance
you listen with him,
you feel with her
you live for a moment in their world
and lift them up to the Reality of yours
that is your purpose
to help each other remember and teach
only love, for that is what we are
until the plan of the Father is complete

Rejoice, for the Love of God is always available
here and now

Poem: The Source Within You

You have the Source within you, always.

The Source in not of this World.

The Source is indescribable in essence,

because, it is everywhere and now here

The Source is the qualities of your being
love, freedom, happiness, intuition, peace,
abundant, compassionate, authentic
patient, truthful, creative, courageous, transparent
and so much more.

There lis no-thing to hide
in Source,
but everything to give as Source

The Source is like looking at a child
but noticing its true fragrance
of inner qualities that make him/her beautiful

The Source is unconditional,
the world cannot give it salvation
because, it doesn’t need it

The world did not author the Source
but, Source authors the World

The world can try to judge, attack, manipulate, invent rules
and condemn the Source,

But, the Source operates upon Universal Laws
not man-made ones

The Source is eternal,
so you can’t kill it

You may try to destroy
the Source’s temporary body
but, you will never destroy Source

You may lie to Source
but, all forms of deceit eventually
are made know to the light of truth

Source does not need proof
or to prove
It is already is,
what it is was to be
and is going to be

So, why prove that which is already present within you

Source is the Way, the Life and the Truth
you need no other way home
than within you

The Source within you is your temple
the Christ, the Atman, the Un-nameable
where you only need to go to meet
Source, or your True Self

When you arrive here
you have returned home
where you never left
except for in your mind

When you return to the world tomorrow
its a new day for the Source

You know now
what you knew not yesterday
That everyone living being you meet
is only Source temporarily experiencing
as many-selves

So, you live loving others as yourself
not a words,
but a living teaching

And loving others is loving God
for that is what you are

And while those finite selves
take on a body for a short while
when the body has fulfilled it purpose for Source
Source drops the body
and makes its return home

Some call it Heaven
but, I know it not
all I do know is that
it is the absence of suffering
the absence of judgment
the absence of punishment

Therefore, it must be peaceful
and all encompassing as love

Poem: Non-Being Is What We Use

"We work with being, but non-being is what we use.” - Tao Te Ching by & Lao Tzu & Stephen Mitchell

A new body makes space for the first breath For the divine essence of the newborn

A new relationship is born from the between the parents because of the child

Two lovers forms the space for martial union

A musician creates from silence a symphony

A photographer intuits a vision before life becomes a stilled image

A scientist composes a hypothesis before it becomes healing

A poet writes from inspiration a spiritual poem

A virus spreads only from a healthy host

A wave rises from its union with the moon’s cycles

A rose blossoms as a result of the gifts of the sun rays and clouds vapor

Evolution is in process as a result of no-thing

Only from nothing does something begins

If you love another love not only their appearance

It is only from the physical being the spirit of non-being exists that which is Divine lives through and the qualities of the human body

For a temporary moment enjoyed and shared with others one is truly loving when one loves that which comes through the body not the the body itself

That is true beauty qualities only that particular form has within which gives it an individual experience momentarily

Poem: Happiness

Happiness is
the absence of suffering

The smile
emanating from your face
is just the bonus of being happy

Happiness is
your natural state of being
like a still lake,
happiness will always be there

Happiness is
It is always available
right here,
right now
the silence within you
is that

See that there is nothing to fix or do,
no place to go or be
other than where you are.

Everyone is here to support you.
Everything is here to support you.

Surrender to what is.

That is Heaven.

Article: Be Like Water & Realize You Are The “Ocean”

Be like water (conscious awareness) , embrace the fullness, the totality, and boundlessness of who you are.

Be like water, by allowing life to lead you where you need to be, not where you want to go.

Be like water, by realizing you are not the doer of life, rather life is acting through you as the process.

By being like water, you are shapeless, labeless, you have no particular form. You can take the shape of anything, to stay centered in you limitless, realizing you are not any particular form.

Be like water, by knowing you have no end or beginning, you were never born, nor do you die.

As water, you are eternal, ever-present, and abundant.

By being like water, you know that no label, stereotype, belief, cannot explain who and what you are.

All descriptions are pointers, insignias, to the divine presence that you are.

Be like water, and allow the impurities fall and dissipate within the spaciousness of who you are. When you have an emotion, seek not to hold on to it, but to release it. If you hold it, it makes the water, impure or dense, clouding the essence of the water that you are.

All thought of labels, beliefs, stereotypes, prejudices, are imagined densities that attempt to separate the fullness of what and who you are as water.

It is like, cups that hold water, discriminating against bathtubs and sinks for holding water. It is an attempt to make water in one form, greater or lesser than another form, which is just an imagined thought/belief projected on to the forms.

By experiencing each emotion, without attack, judgment, guilt or punishment, you allow them to flow through you and return to the nothingness.

Be like water, by seeing that all fear is an imagined illusion projected on to the present moment, to be in fear of something that has happened or has not happened. It is never present, nor ever will be present.

Be like water, by allowing life to unfold your path, destiny, and moment-to-moment experience before you. In that, you will realize the gifts life gives to you, by being yourself and not trying to control life.

Be like water, and realize that every damn, bridge, or boulder you place before you as a thought of a limitation, you have imposed on yourself. Be like water, and move around, above, through or below, the imagined obstacles, because in reality, they are not real.

Be like water noticing that each thought, emotion, sensation, image is a wave occurring over the vast space of ocean that you are.

Suffering occurs when you think, attach, identify or imagine you True Self to be an object, shape, form or wave.

When you misidentify as a wave, you suffer.

Awakening happens when you as water detach from your self as a wave.

Be like water, by surrendering your attachment to what you thought or believed about what has happened is the way to release the past, allowing the wave to return to stillness.

This allows you to return to the love, happiness and peace that emanates from you.

Be like water, by realizing that you are the ocean (conscious awareness) in which waves are passing through you, not here to stay and you are at peace.

Poem: Be A Light Unto The World by Marcus Thomas

When you sister/brother
hates you,
sow love

If he attacks,
sow peace

If she judges,
sow tolerance

If he condemns,
sow forgiveness

If he discriminates,
sow acceptance

If she shows exclusivity,
sow oneness

If he expresses manipulation,
sow truth

If she shows secretiveness,
sow transparency

If he displays harshness
sow kindness

If she is greedy
sow generosity

If he demonstrates darkness
sow light

If she is possessive
sow freedom

Be a light unto the world
and you give others permission do the same

You have nothing to lose
then you have all to gain

Rise above suffering
the bondage of pleasure and pain

To return to joy of heaven
on earth again

Transcendence by Marcus Thomas

Transcendence is an undoing
untying of fear-based knots
that are obstacles and illusions
to love’s ever-present reality
in this moment of grace

Transcend fear
to realize that fear is not real
and love is the only reality

Transcend thought
to give up the minds rules
and to experience the limitless being that you really are

Transcend separation
to know it never occurred
except in your mind
and to perceive oneness in its totality

Transcend racism
to perceive the common interests
that you share with all human beings

Transcend genderism
to give up imagined beliefs about men and women
and know that both aspects of masculine and feminine
live within you

Transcend sexism
to experience the love that permeates
that sexual union of two bodies joining as one
and to look beyond appearances
between you and others

Transcend control
to experience freedom
give up imposing your beliefs on others
and trying to dictate the freedom of individual choice
by not interfering the affairs of their lives

Transcend superiority/inferiority
by dropping any belief
that you are better or lesser than another
to experience the reality of equality
that exists between you and another.

Transcend the body
to experience that you are not
the body’s sensations
but that which experiences the body
as an alert, still presence

Transcend the mind
to know that you are not
the thoughts, emotions, images or perceptions
but you are the spaciousness in which
all mental activities unfold before you
as Conscious Aware Presence

Transcend the ego
by knowing it was never real
and what makes it real
is identification with thought(s)
withdraw the identification
or inquire, “Where do thoughts go?”
and see that they are no more
and none existent
when presence is there
no mind is thinking
that “presence” is life and who you really are

Transcendence is only possible
by a readiness, willingness and ability
to practice the spiritual work
through daily action
by giving up illusions
to return to the ever-present reality
of love, happiness, oneness and peace

Poem: A Sacred Love by Marcus Thomas

I notice,
I love the beauty of your form
I love the shapelessness of your presence
I love being in the same space as you
while we express love’s fragrance

If I try to describe you
I lose you
If I try to grasp you,
I lose you
If I try to possess you
what’s here dies

So, I just enjoy and accept
this moment
for its holy blessing
of love’s presence
its preciousness
its coming and going
I abide in gratitude
in thankfulness
for this ephemeral, joyous experience

In this space
of non-labeling
we experience
what we are here to share

When its over
I accept the reality for what it is
the impermanence of transient things
that return to the same place
where I will return to be

A Sacred Love

Poem: The Joy Of Being by Marcus Thomas

It is so beautiful to know,
I am not this body

To know
that I am consciousness,
or to be honest, indescribable

Its wonderful to know 
our existential oneness
shared between 
all the things of this Universe

It is so loving to know,
what you mirror to me,
is also in myself
and what I mirror to you, 
exists in you

The dance of creation
nothing to something
something to nothing
From oneness to separateness

from relinquishing the illusion
of separateness 
to the living reality of oneness

Our evolutionary process happens
through short-lived lives 
moving upward
from fear to love

Such nostalgic rememberance
is a just of being

Poem: Where Love Abides by Marcus Thomas

Where Love Abides by Marcus Thomas

Chasing after love, 
eludes you
Abiding in your own heart
love exudes you

You think the source of it 
lives in the world,
outside objects, 
appearance of things that make you happy

If that were so, 
how come the disappearance of things
makes you suffer?

I’ll tell you why,
every thing that you worship outside of you
is impermanent
And every thought, feeling, sensation
comes and goes

You think it is who you are,
but, I tell you
that every thing that has a birth
experiences death
Everything that has a death,
experiences birth

Love is that which does not change,
it takes the shape of many forms
but it is not the form
It is that which is permanent
That is what you must seek

Turn towards your self,
leave all your preconcieved notions,
beliefs, concepts, rules, 
at the door of your heart

Close your eyes,
and walk through the door
where love has never not been

That which is ineffable
is who you are

Poem: Mother-Father God Relationship by Marcus Thomas (Remorphabeing)

What I know, he knows,
and what I do not know,
I give up,
so I can know what he knows

What I feel, she feels
and what I can’t describe as a emotion,
I give up understanding,
so I can know what I feel

What I experience, Mother-Father God experiences
and never cease experiencing,
if I Am aware of what I am
and abide within knowing,
experiencing and being within I AM

When I look upon another living being
with the same reverence, equality, compassion and love
I look upon Mother-Father God,
I treat and experience another form of “Life” as apart
of Mother-Father God
and I seek not to do intentional harm to any
and all forms of Mother-Father God
while they are in their temporary forms
for this is our unity and oneness we have never not shared

At times,
when I fall asleep
I look upon my brothers and sisters
with criticism, condemnation, punishment, hate,
envy, gluttony, wrath and distaste 
see them not apart of me,
as separate from me

and I hurt them, hurt this body,
and go into grief and despair

Until I realize again,
what I do unto myself,
I do to another

That who “I Am” is not this changing mind/body
but, the changeless “source” of which the mind/body occupies

Then, I remember,
that all peace, happiness, freedom, love, truth, 
and compassion abides
and flows from this empty space 
that resides within me

Healing the illusion of Separation by Marcus Thomas

The shared conflicts between us dissolve
once I understand that I am You

After quieting my mind,
giving my attention to your heart

I’ve placed my self in your shoes
and our journey towards unity we depart

Seeing that your struggles and mine are
many of one human struggles

Is when I recognize my equality with you
and others

By placing my beliefs aside, expectations aside,
judgements aside, anger aside,
I am able to see the real you
which is the reality
Not the conceptual one

To know and love you, as you are
moment after moment
is the true meaning of living love and forgiveness

Prayer: A Heart’s Prayer by Marcus Jacob Thomas

A Heart’s Prayer 

Father, I love you
I have never not loved you
I have never not known anything but you

Father, I give up all my suffering
I give up all these illusions over to you
I give up all my beliefs, thoughts, ideas that separate me from you
me from my brothers 
me from my sisters
me from my true nature

I admit Father, 
I do not know what anything means
I allow you to determine what this “event, situation or circumstance” means
I am open to receive what you deem, I need to receive

all that I have, 
all that I am,
is because of you

I am ready to return home
ready, willing and able to forgive
to know what it is I am here to do

I am ready to serve, wherever you need me to be
For your will is done
on Heaven as it is on Earth


Poem: Live + Learn

Each day is a blessing
out of suffering unfolds you a lesson
to keep you in life’s presence as a heaven
moments are always passing as I notice
present is now the past
and now more than I know it
Each word I write 
is a moment I am enjoying
splashing in water inspiration
down this river as I’m flowing
The future is unscripted
unfolding as I create
using the power within me
is alive that God gave
For this path of artist
lives on love flourishing faith
Not knowing what corner I’ma turn
bridge I’ma walk
bridge I maybe burn
but I listen and take every word
and pour emotion into it
watching the passion as it surge
cheer my heart on 
sharing it with the world
Every day I live and learn
I live
and learn.

Poem: Autumn by Marcus Thomas


"Our bodies are born,
so that our Consciousness experiences
for a short-time,
In that span of present moments,
we construct our lives around a past, present and future
Planning our days, weeks and months in advance
We forget that we as Consciousness
are not here forever in this body
as this individual
who has this name
We must take a step back
to choose to do something purposeful with these moments we share with others
We must stop thinking
we have all this “so-called time”
to accomplish our dreams
cause we do not
that is the truth
We like all nature inhabits a temporary,
evolutionary experience as a human
like the leaves on the oak tree
when Autumn arrives
Our bodies as leaves decays and dissolves
we as consciousness begin our journey toward home
and our consciousness flees
the body returns back to the same Earth
whence it came to be.”