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Author : Marcus Thomas

Teacher + Poet + Writer



Poem: The Joy Of Being by Marcus Thomas

It is so beautiful to know,
I am not this body

To know
that I am consciousness,
or to be honest, indescribable

Its wonderful to know 
our existential oneness
shared between 
all the things of this Universe

It is so loving to know,
what you mirror to me,
is also in myself
and what I mirror to you, 
exists in you

The dance of creation
nothing to something
something to nothing
From oneness to separateness

from relinquishing the illusion
of separateness 
to the living reality of oneness

Our evolutionary process happens
through short-lived lives 
moving upward
from fear to love

Such nostalgic rememberance
is a just of being

Poem: Where Love Abides by Marcus Thomas

Where Love Abides by Marcus Thomas

Chasing after love, 
eludes you
Abiding in your own heart
love exudes you

You think the source of it 
lives in the world,
outside objects, 
appearance of things that make you happy

If that were so, 
how come the disappearance of things
makes you suffer?

I’ll tell you why,
every thing that you worship outside of you
is impermanent
And every thought, feeling, sensation
comes and goes

You think it is who you are,
but, I tell you
that every thing that has a birth
experiences death
Everything that has a death,
experiences birth

Love is that which does not change,
it takes the shape of many forms
but it is not the form
It is that which is permanent
That is what you must seek

Turn towards your self,
leave all your preconcieved notions,
beliefs, concepts, rules, 
at the door of your heart

Close your eyes,
and walk through the door
where love has never not been

That which is ineffable
is who you are

Poem: Mother-Father God Relationship by Marcus Thomas (Remorphabeing)

What I know, he knows,
and what I do not know,
I give up,
so I can know what he knows

What I feel, she feels
and what I can’t describe as a emotion,
I give up understanding,
so I can know what I feel

What I experience, Mother-Father God experiences
and never cease experiencing,
if I Am aware of what I am
and abide within knowing,
experiencing and being within I AM

When I look upon another living being
with the same reverence, equality, compassion and love
I look upon Mother-Father God,
I treat and experience another form of “Life” as apart
of Mother-Father God
and I seek not to do intentional harm to any
and all forms of Mother-Father God
while they are in their temporary forms
for this is our unity and oneness we have never not shared

At times,
when I fall asleep
I look upon my brothers and sisters
with criticism, condemnation, punishment, hate,
envy, gluttony, wrath and distaste 
see them not apart of me,
as separate from me

and I hurt them, hurt this body,
and go into grief and despair

Until I realize again,
what I do unto myself,
I do to another

That who “I Am” is not this changing mind/body
but, the changeless “source” of which the mind/body occupies

Then, I remember,
that all peace, happiness, freedom, love, truth, 
and compassion abides
and flows from this empty space 
that resides within me

Healing the illusion of Separation by Marcus Thomas

The shared conflicts between us dissolve
once I understand that I am You

After quieting my mind,
giving my attention to your heart

I’ve placed my self in your shoes
and our journey towards unity we depart

Seeing that your struggles and mine are
many of one human struggles

Is when I recognize my equality with you
and others

By placing my beliefs aside, expectations aside,
judgements aside, anger aside,
I am able to see the real you
which is the reality
Not the conceptual one

To know and love you, as you are
moment after moment
is the true meaning of living love and forgiveness

Prayer: A Heart’s Prayer by Marcus Jacob Thomas

A Heart’s Prayer 

Father, I love you
I have never not loved you
I have never not known anything but you

Father, I give up all my suffering
I give up all these illusions over to you
I give up all my beliefs, thoughts, ideas that separate me from you
me from my brothers 
me from my sisters
me from my true nature

I admit Father, 
I do not know what anything means
I allow you to determine what this “event, situation or circumstance” means
I am open to receive what you deem, I need to receive

all that I have, 
all that I am,
is because of you

I am ready to return home
ready, willing and able to forgive
to know what it is I am here to do

I am ready to serve, wherever you need me to be
For your will is done
on Heaven as it is on Earth


Poem: Live + Learn

Each day is a blessing
out of suffering unfolds you a lesson
to keep you in life’s presence as a heaven
moments are always passing as I notice
present is now the past
and now more than I know it
Each word I write 
is a moment I am enjoying
splashing in water inspiration
down this river as I’m flowing
The future is unscripted
unfolding as I create
using the power within me
is alive that God gave
For this path of artist
lives on love flourishing faith
Not knowing what corner I’ma turn
bridge I’ma walk
bridge I maybe burn
but I listen and take every word
and pour emotion into it
watching the passion as it surge
cheer my heart on 
sharing it with the world
Every day I live and learn
I live
and learn.

Poem: Autumn by Marcus Thomas


"Our bodies are born,
so that our Consciousness experiences
for a short-time,
In that span of present moments,
we construct our lives around a past, present and future
Planning our days, weeks and months in advance
We forget that we as Consciousness
are not here forever in this body
as this individual
who has this name
We must take a step back
to choose to do something purposeful with these moments we share with others
We must stop thinking
we have all this “so-called time”
to accomplish our dreams
cause we do not
that is the truth
We like all nature inhabits a temporary,
evolutionary experience as a human
like the leaves on the oak tree
when Autumn arrives
Our bodies as leaves decays and dissolves
we as consciousness begin our journey toward home
and our consciousness flees
the body returns back to the same Earth
whence it came to be.”

Poem: Seat of Your Soul by Marcus Thomas

Sink into your Self,
into the Seat of your Soul
Be there without thought,
only awareness and attention
Here the mind ceases
but their lies a stillness presence
Calming, connected presence
Which you experience
Soon you dissolve
into formlessness
Can you find where you begin
and end?
Where you start and stop?
If not, you’re on to discovering
that you are not a particular thing
but everything that exists
as the conscious awareness
which is you
The mind cannot describe it
cannot contain it
Which is a knowing
that you are that
which is greater than the body
your sense perceptions
thought or feelings
because they all are transient
who is it which notices
all the changes throughout the day
who is this you
right there…is your answer

Poem: Father/Mother God by Marcus Thomas

Father, you asked me to teach

so I teach those who listen

You asked me to learn

so I learn from those who teach


You asked me to love

so I love those who I share this life with

You asked me to give up my fearful perceptions

so I surrendered my fears


You asked me to see my judgements

so I opened my awareness


You asked me to be,

so I Am at peace in this moment


You asked me to serve,

so I remind them of their “Christ” self

You asked me to follow, 

so I humbled myself

You asked me to lead,

so I lead


You asked me to feel,

so I accepted my emotions 

You asked me to write,

so I listen to your voice, as it speaks through me

You asked me to rejoice

so I am thankful for each breath

You asked me to come home,

daily I return to both of you in stillness

Poem: Evolution by Marcus Thomas

I live my cup half full, not half empty
when my cup tips over, I open to God sayin’ I’m ready
I’m between a optimist, and a pessimist, a realist
who sees his own probabilities, limitations as illusions

All things are possible, just have faith in a good outcome
put your intentions in the present, & reap a good outcome
But, be open to whatever presents itself as a result
Cause, the Universe knows best, instead of what you want

Every new choice you make, creates a new chapter
Every decision you made in the past, is the here-after
I know the mind’s a trip, to play a fear-factor
But, it’s all an imagining, this moment’s just a dreamcatcher

Once you realize, the formless God, a love’s so potent
you’ll sober in tears, from the powerful emotions
understanding we are all components within this great ocean
You’ll be grateful to be apart of creation in this moment

Your actions change, your friends change
now all of sudden its you that being strange
You disassembled your conditioning of you being made
To realize the “God” in you, the journey that’s being paved

To learn how to love, through not knowing in relationship
Is how I used, Einstein’s relativity to grapple my relation with
To use each moment I have, to make a statement against
False Evidence Appearing Real, in my predicaments

Love and fear, the dance of unconditional love
It a love, just for your existence, acceptance & trust
The freedom to be you, no strings attached
No expectations, but, agreements perhaps

To bring a love so great into this world
took the lives of many teachers who served
Witches, disciples of Christ, burned and purged
For living their truth of love, through speaking the word

Live your life with the upmost honesty and integrity
Even if what you say, speaks love and creates enemies
As long as it heals, uplifts and serves humanity
with such intensity, must be the evolution of our destiny

Poem: Everyday Is A Blank Slate, What Will You Create Today? by Marcus Thomas

Everyday is a blank slate, 
to start over again, 
to choose to create something from nothing
to practice being a truly powerful, creative being
you have nothing to lose
you have much to gain
you have to only experience all that you have and know
within to be true
there is no fear
there is no suffering
there is the play of forms, 
the play of duality of life in the material world
that appears as one thing, then as another
For a boulder thrown in your path
is calling you to demonstrate the skill of perseverance,
flexibility and focus
or to demonstrate fear, retreat and defeat
what will you choose
So much freedom
but, either choice is a declaration of who you are 
at this moment
which can be changed in the next moment
It’s all up to you
Who do you want to be?
What do you want to do?
Choose it, everyday make the same choice until it manifests
This is the way of the Master,
chose and be done with it
not attached to results
focused only on the intention
for if your intention is right, 
so will be the result.

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The Lord of Love by Marcus Williams

The lord of love lies in the heart of nature and all living things.

It manifests as a warm embrace of trust, truth, wisdom, courage, compassion, service and gratitude through each of us and in mother nature.

It cooperates in the best interests of all and itself.

The lord is aligned, when a stroke of doubt enters your mind.

When you are uncertain that is the time to go within.

When you are fearful, that is the time to go within to receive the answer you seek.

The lord of love is our mother, father, friend, brother or sister. It is always around us.

The lord of love does not judge us, condemn us but it does have compassion for us.

The lord helps brings us miracles daily even when we do not see it or experience it.

The lord of love forgives our shortcomings for we do not really know what we do.

The lord is our breath, in the present moment of now.

The lord is the voice inside who when we our inspired, we take dictation.

The lord is our partner, co-creator of our experience.

The lord is One with you always and in all ways.

Poem: Hey…There’s God! by Marcus Williams (Remorphabeing)


Words formulate…

Awake to the Sun rise

Good Morning, hey, God!

I looked inside Me

and I found God

I look outside Me 

and I found God

I looked a Rose

I saw God

I hugged a Tree

I felt God

I watch people fight for justice

I saw God

Afghan families killed by US Soldier

yeah, that was God

I meditated

in stillness I know God

In my heartbeat

I felt God

When the birds speak

I heard God

When the wind blew

there was God

As the wave ceased

came again was God

Later to the Sun set

thank you God

Looking up at the stars

Damn, no words….God!!!!!!!!!!

Every where I’ve been

I have experienced God

And embraced the profane 

and profound 

that unconditional love is God