Power of Love

"Love has made me laugh. Love has wiped my tears. Love has held me tight. Love has let me go. Love has allowed me to listen. Love taught me to be compassionate toward others. Love has seen my success. Love has comforted me in my failures. Love has encouraged me to move forward. Love has faith in me. Love has made me strong. Love has forgiven me and allowed me to forgive others. Love has renewed my sense of what is important in life. Love is a gift and miracle from God that is within Me forever even when I am in doubt. Love believed in me and has propelled me carry on. Love is truth that expresses through me."

Marcus Williams (remorphabeing.tumblr.com)

"It is easy to be a friend of the great and good, but I cherish friendship with those who are labeled as murderers, terrorists and criminals. I want to console them. They are not bad, they just are asleep, disconnected and ignorant of who they really are. Friendship is a way of connecting and waking them up to their true self."

Satish Kumar, The Buddha & The Terrorist