Old and New

"It is this basic understanding that most of us don’t consciously know. We are all one. We are in this together. What happens to you, affects me. What happens to me, affects you. No one is above or below you neither are you above or below anyone. I can’t be healthy and at peace when my neighbor is sick and being denied medical care. I can’t have freedom, when my neighbor’s humans rights are being oppressed upon. This is a core understanding we must all develop in order to fix ALL our broken systems, whether it’s global warming or finance. Separation is an illusion. This focus on “I just have to take care of me and forget everyone else” has to stop because it’s killing us. The fear-based paradigm will come to an end. The love-based paradigm will take placed of the old one, which is based off adaptability, functionality and sustainability. Practice this everyday by being loving in your actions."

Marcus Williams