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"Acting better than others, can translate to thinking you’re better than others. That can lead to a superiority vs inferiority complex and always trying to tell others what you think they should do, because you think that is better. But, whats best for us varies individually. What we choose to do to better our lives is another way, not a better way. Focusing on loving others as much as you love yourself is best, because that keeps you refraining from judging others behavior as you focus on your own and accept others for who they are."

Marcus Williams (remorphabeing.tumblr.com)

"The truth always prevails whether you want it to or not. It is just best to be honest from the beginning, that way you honor your integrity rather than dishonor yourself."

Marcus Williams (remorphabeing.tumblr.com)

"Love has made me laugh. Love has wiped my tears. Love has held me tight. Love has let me go. Love has allowed me to listen. Love taught me to be compassionate toward others. Love has seen my success. Love has comforted me in my failures. Love has encouraged me to move forward. Love has faith in me. Love has made me strong. Love has forgiven me and allowed me to forgive others. Love has renewed my sense of what is important in life. Love is a gift and miracle from God that is within Me forever even when I am in doubt. Love believed in me and has propelled me carry on. Love is truth that expresses through me."

Marcus Williams (remorphabeing.tumblr.com)

"God is not limited to any one religion or even religion at all, because love is universal and beyond what you think or know. God cares only about whats in your heart, not your religious affiliation or church membership. The way to heaven is through love because love is God. This truth is too immense and profound to be fully understood or embodied in any one religion or belief system. All paths lead toward the divine lead home. ♥"

Marcus Williams (remorphabeing.tumblr.com)

Article: How To Build A Stronger Relationship with Your Partner, Friend or Family?


Image credit: Saydi Eyre Shumway

How To Become More Intimate with Your Partner, Friend or Family? 

Let’s face it, our culture is built on the belief that lying, manipulation, omitting, controlling and possessing is the way relationships are supposed to work because they have always been that way. But you get to a point in your life, where you just don’t want to deal with the drama, the lies in your life anymore and you want a real, honest relationship with your friends, family or partner. But, how to we develop and deepen relationships that are more valuable and long-lasting?

Being vulnerable and open is a way of relating to your partner in which you reveal Who You Really Are, underneath your persona, Who You Are Not and your true feelings and intentions. That means honestly exposing the part of you that is hidden and fearful, as well as your desires and points of view about whatever issues you’re discussing. 

You demonstrate being vulnerable by:

  • One being open and revealing about yourself to your partner. By being truthfully vulnerable, not through manipulation and control, but by being open and honest, you allow your true self to show. 
  • Two being open and receptive to your partner’s feelings, dreams, desires, inhibitions and differences from yourself. It means openly encouraging your partner to express who they are, allowing their real self to show. 
  • Three by being open and transparent you have nothing to hide and everything is on the table. But, I do caution you to do this is small increments and not all at once.

The only way to build trust in a relationship, is by being honest about yourself in your thoughts, feelings and your actions with others and allowing others to do the same by listening in return.

If for example, you have broken that trust in the relationship, start from where you are now, then move forward. 

Day by day, trust will build and so will your relationship(s). That builds a strong, loving bond with others. It is never to late, remember that. 

Vulnerability is your greatest strength. When you become vulnerable, exposing your deepest secrets by being transparent, you demonstrate to someone else that you trust them with everything you hold valuable. In return, you allow them to show you understanding, compassion, empathy, forgiveness, love and trust.

Trust gives you and others the opportunity to create true relationships, governments, businesses and communities for years. By becoming vulnerable, you do not have to expend most of your energy protecting the masks and facades your Ego has created. You can use that energy correctly, creatively, meaningfully to become Who You Really Are.

Today, start by creating the person you desire to be.  :-)

Article: Accepting Yourself As You Really Are & Healing by Marcus Williams

Photo Credit: Love & Loneliness by Belenkiyden of Deviantart.com

"Being alone is not the most normal thing to do but, it is a natural thing to do. You were born into the world alone.

But, along the way we make ourselves and others uncomfortable being lonely. We judge one another because they are single and not married or in a relationship. We latch on to romantic relationships to fulfill the emptiness of being alone. We need to see that starting a relationship with someone to fulfill a void, an imagined idea, or expectation is doomed to fail from the beginning. Truly, only you know what best makes you feel fulfilled inside you, you are the master of that.  

Beginning to Love You

The major thing is to love yourself when you are alone and when you are with someone. So your sense of identity is not defined by them. If it is, when you lose them, you lose yourself in them and come out of relationship needing to find out who you are again. Therefore, begin to accept yourself as you are, then you can accept another as they are.” 

How to begin acceptance?

Begin to accept that there is nothing wrong with being lonely, having feelings of loneliness or doing things by yourself.

Healing Exercise:

Close your eyes. Bring your attention to your breath. Focus on that. Inhale 4 deep breaths. After, let your breath begin to normalize. Start by going into those feelings of loneliness. Examine them. Explore them. Experience them. Let them flow through you without the mind’s judgement, ridicule or criticism. Accept that (this or these emotions) are what you are feeling. Be okay, with that by embracing the acceptance whether your mind agrees or not. Bring your attention back to your breath. Notice how you feel after this exercise. Notice the relief, the peace and less tension. (Note: You can perform this with any emotion.)

By accepting the parts of yourself you disown or are afraid of showing. By not accepting those parts of you, you have made it impossible to love yourself, the real you. So begin embracing those parts of you whether you agree with it or not. Loving you starts healing the division inside you to know that you are whole, full of love. That is the true miracle of you and the blessing. 

Article: How Can You Love, When Your Life Experience Is Temporary?

If ones life experience is temporary, how can a person love another fully when it appears pointless? 

You accept that all things in life begin and come to and end one day, that is change.

You by nature should adapt, but you are conditioned not to. Your mind attaches itself to an experience and desires it permanently. When the experience completes and is over, the mind resists, trying to hold on to the fleeting experience which makes the person suffer, then they accept the change and move forward to a new experience.

The best thing to do, is to cherish every moment, minute, hour, and day you share with another human being and appreciate the gift of having the experience. 

Because, before you know it, the physical life experience with that person will be gone and you will reflect upon the regretful moments of petty arguments, anger and acts of violence you brought into your relationship, for the sake of being right, for holding those meaningless things against them. 

You learn that ignorance is not the best virtue of cherishing a relationship, loving them freely by detaching from the outcome is.

That is why no life is meaningless, all life is holy, loved and sacred. Because the meaningful expressions of love are temporary. 

"Each of us possesses a powerful spiritual energy that inspires us to serve mankind, through utilizing our individual gifts for the benefit of others, we can serve the whole of humanity. By letting go of what isn’t working for us and allowing God guide you internally, you begin to tap into the highest power within yourself. And all the things you ever desired, come to you through others and through yourself. That is how we help one another, that is the oneness the connection to you and me."

Marcus Williams (remorphabeing.tumblr.com)

"Meditation is like when you tell your girlfriend/boyfriend that you need some space. It allows you to have the space to see what is working or not working in your life situation, so you can have clarity about what to do next."

Marcus Williams (remorphabeing.tumblr.com)

"Suffering is a good thing. It opens the shell of the ego to the heart of the soul. Through living who you are not, you choose who you desire to become."

Marcus Williams (remorphabeing.tumblr.com)

Nature by Marcus Williams

The process of life, is linkage. Everything is connected. Nothing is independent, but interdependent. Water, air, fire, earth and ether are inseparable, united in life and for our life on Earth. Sharing is everything.

That functionality, sustainability and adaptability is principled in Love. Love is the purpose for all life. Life’s dharma works for every one’s benefit, not just one’s own.

Humans are by nature spiritual beings blessed with Life and its own consciousness of itself. But, since they are nurtured with conditioning, they are unaware of their true nature. Therefore, Humanity’s dharma is to not only become aware of itself as Life, but to be a guardian of the nature of life and participate in nature’s evolutionary process.

This can only be done through actions of Love, which we can learn through Mother Nature’s own actions.

Nature is cyclical, expansive, loving, evolving and always present. It doesn’t relish in the past, nor does it dream of the future. It is always here and now in this moment.

Nature is timeless. It knows of no time. It operates spontaeously. It is always changing, destorying, creating and sustaining. Nature lives in reality. It lives without stress, suffering. It knows nothing of suffering, accept the perpetuation of human disrespect for it, which causes them suffering.  

Humans created time, to artificially construct their lives around a 24 hour cycle. This was an attempt to control their own individual lives. Humans live in a made up reality, which causes them suffering, because they are always reacting to changes in their lives rather, than adapting as Nature does.  

We as a result, would be wise to take notice of nature’s wisdom.


"White light is light before is it fragmented into a rainbow. Your emotions are the same, pure love before fragmented into fear, grief, worry, sadness and joy. Express all emotions, without judgement, because they are many facets of the rainbow."

Marcus Williams (remorphabeing.tumblr.com)

"To turly love one has to be vulnerable if one is to stay centered in ones higher self."

Marcus Williams (remorphabeing.tumblr.com)

Last Night’s Spiritual Awakening by Marcus Williams

I experienced a spiritual awakening last night while reading Stillness Speaks, by Eckhart Tolle, I had a realization of what I am and what I am up to here on Earth. In the moment, a flush of love, acceptance and happiness overwhelmed my being, leaving me in tears of joy. Because, there was understanding of my connection to the divine and to everything, afterwards there was peace.

The first thing I desired to do was go and hug a tree to show my love and respect for mother nature. Also there was an overwhelming sense of energy, to go do something.

So, my fiancé didn’t understand why I was crying, so she was crying cause she thought i seen a terrible text on my phone from my family, but my tears were of joy. So I explained as best to what I was experiencing and we cried together.

I ended with saying if Obama would have experienced what I was feeling, the world would be different tomorrow.

Today is that tomorrow, I know that what was is no more and what is now, is the best moment and what lies before me, I don’t know but I do know I am happy with it all!