Article: Realizing the limitations you have placed on yourself

Nothing can limit you except the limitations you place on your own self. Examples of limitations include:

  • Believing what society tells you, you can’t do/can do. Believing what your community tells you, you can/can’t do. Believing what your family/friends tells you, you can’t/can do. Believing what you tell yourself, you can/can’t do.
  • These belief systems are usually based out of tradition, fear, scarcity and separation. These belief systems you bought into and believed usually, hold you back from being who you truly desire to be. Only a victim (perceiving themselves as the Egoic personality) project blame towards something outside themselves, rather than acknowledge responsibility for what they have created, who they have hurt, an accept forgiveness for themselves. The last thing a victim wants to acknowledge that they are withholding themselves from their own happiness. They believe the power rests, outside them, in a person, government system, but not inside them. So, they react to the world as if they were powerless and do not have the power to see their life situation different, or perceive themselves as a creator. Also, victims need a person to project blame upon so they can judge them, attack them and condemn them. The victim sees herself or himself in being justified in being the judge/executioner, and see that in is up themselves to carry out revenge or punishment. But, they do not see that punishing or getting revenge on another does not produce happiness. It is utter insanity to believe that one’s violent actions, will have positive results. That form thinking is out of alignment with the way the law of the universe works which is why they are never happy after someone is punished. Universal laws cannot be used for personal gain against others. Only the egoic mind thinks like this. In that realization, we must know in our experience that God, The Divine, Tao, Allah, Source, or Life must not a punishing but, a loving and creative force. Projection is blame. It starts and ends within your our own minds. There is no happiness in blaming others, only the exacerbation of continued separation which results in pain and suffering.
    When your individual mind heals, so does the collective mind heal within the world. For the two are actually One Universal Mind. You may not see the healing take place in the world, but do you see when the child throws the rock into the pond to make ripples out? No one does. But, nevertheless, do not discount what you do as less than what it is. We do not never how many people in our lives we touch.
    Acceptance of what has occurred, withdrawing the projection of blame and acknowledging how you feel is the first step to recognizing your freedom. Grace is your salvation here and now to be seized by your decision to change your life, to change what has been, to change how you live your life. Forgiveness offers you Peace, Happiness, Abundance, and Love to see your life differently, and allow God to reveal that to you in a new way. Now, you are not tethered to the past, of what was anymore. You are free, consciously co-creating with God, what you desire to be.

    Poem: You are not a Victim, but a Creator

    You are not the waves,
    you are the depth of the ocean

    You are not the hurricanes,
    the earthquakes,
    the, thunderstorms,
    the clouds that cover the blue skies,
    you are the Sun,
    shining your light of awareness on all these things

    You are not impermanent,
    you are that which is changeless

    You are not the iPhone, iPad or iMac,
    you are the electricity which gives technology power

    You are not these leaves,
    that bud in the spring,
    blossom in the summer,
    change color to reflect dying in the fall

    You are the Life,
    that gives birth to the tree, the leaves
    you oversee the changes,
    but you are not the changes themselves

    You are not the body/mind,
    only having one human experience

    You are a spiritual being,
    eternal of many lifetimes,
    having many human experiences.

    In the stillness of your mind,
    when all thought cease,
    all emotions calm,
    you are that conscious presence

    you must not be a thing that which changes,
    or a victim of circumstances,
    or a separate ego personality

    You are the Tao, God, Life, Support System,
    or simply what is referred to as: Awareness
    acting in a temporary human form.

    "You can never be truly happy if outward circumstances always dictate your inner experience. Why? Because, you react to everything that happens as something that is not supposed to happen. At war with Reality. Or, being a victim of circumstance. Everything that appears outside you that happens is supposed happen because, it’s happening. The moment you react, you’re tethered to the experience of suffering. The moment you accept, you’re back into the flow of experience without conditions. That is atonement, love, peace and happiness without being attached to results or expectations. Now, you’re a conscious creator."

    Marcus Thomas

    "Your perception of what someone is, is never real. It is just a thought overlaying a person (Reality), to make up what you believe about them. Without thought, without a story, reality is just this. No you, no me. Just connectedness, love and oneness. This is what you feel when you look into another person’s eyes. You see yourself, reflected as LOVE in them and in you."

    Marcus Thomas

    "When you believe that you are justified in not forgiving someone else, you are punishing yourself."

    Marcus Thomas

    "The power of God doesn’t come from observing scripture alone. The power of God comes through the living the way, the life and truth of love in your actions moment to moment as the your experience."

    Marcus Thomas

    "If you’re going to show men or women sexy pics of yourself online, they are not going to be interested in being with you. They are going to be interested in just having sex with you. Today, sexy pics online has become a form of “social prostitution,” selling yourself as this “object” so you can be noticed, admired, or attempt to get a person to love you. But, if you need to sell yourself as this “object”, to be loved, then must think you are not worthy enough to be loved, as you are. You must believe on some level no one wants me unless I do this or that to get what you want. But, true love has no requirements for you to be loved, it happens effortlessly between two individuals. You do not have to chase it, for it inside your heart. You must learn to be it by sharing that what gives your joy, and the one who see you will become attracted to the love you emanate, because you are honoring who you are."

    Marcus Thomas

    Rejoice for Love is here

    There is no time. There is only Now.

    Oh, when I look upon you face
    my heart is enamored with joy,
    my eyes fill up with tears,
    because, I see the face of Christ
    the face of divine love in your eyes
    I weep from such joys, and happiness
    because, I’ve missed this for so long,

    Ohhh, my Father-Mother God,
    I have forgotten how all-encompassing
    and boundlessness is your love
    and when you see me my brother and sisters
    I know you see love, you see the Christ
    you see your Father in Heaven
    you see yourself
    and you remember that love is the only truth
    and the rest in this world,
    is nothing but an illusion

    And, you take this message of love
    and you share it with others,
    you share it in your walk,
    in your talk
    in your actions

    you refuse to judge your brother,
    you choose to hold him or her
    in the bosom of acceptance
    you listen with him,
    you feel with her
    you live for a moment in their world
    and lift them up to the Reality of yours
    that is your purpose
    to help each other remember and teach
    only love, for that is what we are
    until the plan of the Father is complete

    Rejoice, for the Love of God is always available
    here and now

    "Love is not a contract. It is not conditional agreement. It is not possessing, controlling, manipulating, judging or attacking. It is unconditional, accepting, and effortless. It has no requirements. It lives, and let live. It extends to everyone, because, it cannot be contain, for its grandeur is beyond human conception. It can be felt, it can be shared. It is not something you have to chase, or get. For, everyone has it. But, everyone does not remember they have it within them. It is never exclusive, but inclusive for it is born within everyone. It comes and goes where it wants. It is never lacking, it is always present, and undying. It is eternal. It is not of the earth, it is of Heaven. Anything else, is the artificial version"

    Marcus Thomas

    "If you forgive someone you are not condoning what they have done to you or another, you are choosing to live with a loving heart and a peaceful mind."

    Marcus Thomas

    Article: The Man Who Died From Cancer: A Story of Healing

    The Man Who Died From Cancer: A Story of Healing

    Reality is what you see from your mind.
    Perception is how you see it.

    When you see Reality and you judge, argue, attack, or deny what is so, you suffer because you are using your perception to not accept what is, and to create Reality in your own image. This is not wrong but incorrect. You are using your thoughts you give your own meaning to Reality to avoid what you don’t want. Rather than accepting Reality for what it is and be at peace with it, even if you don’t agree with it.

    Example of Incorrect Use of Perception:
    You arrive at the hospital see the one you love that has cancer, on the bedside in their last moments. They die and you say to yourself, “He shouldn’t have died.” You are “wanting” to deny the Reality, that they died. So, you become angry, your body tenses up, you lash out at the doctors. They tell you, they can’t do anymore and they are sorry. But, you are blinded by your thoughts, your anger, your resistance to Reality. Your family calms you down, grabs hold of you.

    Example of Correct Use of Perception:
    20mins later, you sit and you accept the Reality, that your loved one just died. And, you release that anger, that resistance and emotions by crying, you cry until there is nothing else to cry about. Moving that stagnant energy to motion is what e-motions are. Energy in motion. Afterwards, you feel peace, your mind is literally, blank. You are clear. You know you are okay. Now, that is a healing. That’s God working for you, through you. This is how spirituality is lived.

    To conclude, your thoughts about Reality, either creates suffering or peace. You are always the one creating. When you project your thoughts onto reality, you lose. When you accept reality, you win. Growth happens either way for you to wake up like Plato.

    "The greatest acceptance is to accept yourself as you are right now, and not for who you want to be. To accept others for who they are, not for who you want them to be. To accept Life as it is this moment, not for what you want it to be. By releasing your expectations about how you want outer circumstances to be, you bring an inner acceptance to what appears and your state of peace remains unshakable regardless of how life appears. This is love without conditions. Experiencing your self as life unfolding, participating and being."

    Marcus Thomas

    "Men call me Christ, and God has recognized the name; but Christ is not a man. The Christ is universal love, and Love is king."


    "The Divine can never fail you, nor can you fail the Divine. You can make as many errors until you decide to correct them. Unlimited opportunities for growth. That’s how unconditionally loving the Divine is. Failure doesn’t exist in the heart of love. It only exist within our own beliefs, in our minds."

    Marcus Thomas
    We are all on the journey. We do not have to be perfect. We are all doing the best with the consciousness we have at this moment. All are welcomed.

    We are all on the journey. We do not have to be perfect. We are all doing the best with the consciousness we have at this moment. All are welcomed.