Letting Go: The Movie

Letting Go: The Movie

No matter who we are or what we do, most of us feel we’re held back by something. We need something more to feel whole. We need more money, more power, more drama, more drugs, more food. We believe we need to consume the world in order to be. And that feeling of “I’m not enough as I am” is incredibly detrimental to our lives and this earth we share.

There’s this hope for myself personally and for the planet and for what help I can give to other people.

Starting with each and every one of us, letting go of all that is holding us back and being all we can be starting right here, right now. As you let go, as you simply allow yourself to notice what is actually here now, you’ll discover that right here right now, you’re already whole, you’re already complete, you’re already enough as you are, and all is well.

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