Howard Falco

I AM, written by Author Howard Falco presents a powerful and astonishing new perspective on the relationship between you and the world around you, offering a deeply liberating look at the nature of who you are and the life you are truly capable of experiencing.

For centuries humankind has been asking fervent questions about the meaning of life. As Howard Falco learned, the answers to these questions can ultimately be found in the answer to just one: “Who am I?” In late 2002, in the middle of an ordinary life, Falco—a thirty-five-year-old investment manager with a wife and two children—sought the answer to this powerful question and remarkably this quest resulted in a sudden and all-encompassing shift in his awareness that revealed more about life and how we each create it than he ever imagined knowing. Startled by this new understanding and its implications for his own life and the lives of all others, Falco set out to share his discoveries. The stunning result is this book.

I Am takes readers on a life-changing journey in which they will discover the incredible power they have over their experience of life , finding the doorway to eternal peace, happiness, and fulfillment lies in one of the shortest sentences in the written word but the most powerful in the universe: I AM.

Howard Falco is a spiritual teacher, speaker and counselor specializing in the creative power of the mind. He is the founder of TruthSerum.net and lives with his family in Scottsdale, Arizona. More information his work can be found at www.Howardfalco.com