Esther Hicks

Film: Louise Hay - You Can Heal You Life [2007]

Starring: Louise Hay, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Gregg Braden, Esther Hicks & many more.

Produced by: Hay House, Inc.

Director: Michael Goorjian

Commentary: Life as you know it can change in a instant, when you change how you perceive your intentions.

Best Quote: "The universe is not responding to your words. But your words are reflective about how you truly feel. And how you feel, is reflective of the vibration you are offering. And your vibration does equal your point of attraction." - Esther "Abraham" Hicks

"The fastest way to loving yourself is to look around for things to appreciate, because if you can find something to appreciate in that flower, or the smile on a child’s face, you’re in that vibrational energy to loving yourself."

Esther Hicks

Organic Forgiveness: Esther Hicks from You Can Heal Yourself

A very good thing to do when you are feeling less than happy, is to look at it or whoever it is or whatever it is and take a notebook and write the person’s name or the situation and say, What is it that I am thinking about you that I am using as my excuse to not all myself to be who I really am? When you say, what are you doing thats making me really unhappy? You’re giving them all the power, because they have to do something to make you happy. It’s a very conditional love you’re living. Its a very conditional happiness. Once you identify that and think the thought that Who You Really Are would think. Now happiness is easy, coming into alignment is easy. It’s just a matter of caring about how you feel and practice feeling good. - Esther Hicks

I forgive and I set myself free… 

Excerpted from the DVD “Abraham Abroad: The Abraham-Hicks England & Ireland Tour”. Abraham, translated by Esther Hicks, addresses a question that is asked regularly: What is the role that individual Law of Attraction plays when large groups of people are involved in Earth Change events?

Recorded May 17, 2008 in London, England shortly after the May 2nd Burma typhoon (the worst natural disaster in the history of what is now called Myanmar, with an estimated 138,000 deaths) and the subsequent earthquake in China (that occurred 10 days later in the Sichuan province and killed an estimated 68,000 people).

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