Daily Affirmation

Daily Affirmation: Letting Go, Letting God

By ceasing the chase for illusionary beliefs, ideas, products or experiences, you let go the idea, that you have to do this in order to be that and begin to be content with what is. This does not mean, allowing others to walk all over you or not making a decision to change things if you are not happy with your life situation. It means you will stop trying to find things outside you, to compensate for what you imagine you don’t have inside you.

For example, moving in and out of bad relationships cause you fear being lonely; trying to be this false “image” of perfection for others, but never experiencing it; consuming the “hip” products at attempts to “think” you are better than others; or searching endlessly in spiritual books for your divine self. None of it works. Its equivalent to going around and around in a circle of these illusions without never “realizing” you have the gold you seek inside you. By declaring this affirmation + believing + feeling (that you are that and not lying to yourself) = the universe assisting you to help this manifest in your experience. 

"I am content and enough for who I am and trust in the infinite universe to manifest perfectly as it is."