"If I judge, attack, or condemn another, I crucify myself. If I crucify myself, I crucify another. Why? There is only One of us here. I break the cycle when I stop the game of projecting my inner suffering on others and blaming them for my own pain. Instead of taking up responsibility for my own cross, my fears, my creations and thoughts which are a result of my own consciousness. Here, I bring love and acceptance to what I feel, by not making no one responsible for it, none other than myself."

Marcus Thomas

"There is no future. There is no past. There is only The Now, presently always at your feet unfolding before you."

Marcus Thomas

"You see, nobody really wants to become “enlightened.” They want to escape present feelings of dissatisfaction, sadness, pain, anger, frustration, boredom, or feelings of being unloved, unwanted, and unfulfilled. They simply want to end their suffering. But instead of facing that suffering head on, right now, and seeing the wholeness within it, they are waiting for a future event or state or experience to come and end it for them. They simply want to come home, as we all do. But in their story, they have fixated on the idea of enlightenment as their future home."

Jeff Foster

Article: What Imaginary Fortress Surrounds Your Heart?

There is a spot inside you that you feel most vulnerable to not share with others due to your shame, the belief that this part of you is unworthy to be loved. That secret part of you is the key to your healing and the belief of fear that keeps you there. If you really want to love your self you have to share that private wounded or discarded place with others without judgment, fear and unworthiness, to love and accept yourself. That is the courage of being you. - Marcus Thomas

The walls you have built around your heart, are imagined. They’re not real. You placed them there. Therefore, they can be removed by you.

If you tear your own walls down, you can let the closed up damn of love to flow outward into the world, towards others. By taking down these defenses, and opening your heart, you can experience the love within your own heart that you say is not there, but it really is, you’re just afraid of letting it out to experience your own love and glory.

How can the flower, blossom without water?
How can you the love within your heart, be experienced if the door to it is always closed?

You are the door, once you open your heart, the boundlessness of love overflows.

Ask yourself, what walls or fortresses you have created around you own heart? And, ask why are they there? What do you believe will happen? Who would you be without these fearful walls around your heart? Do I want to be right or be happy?

In every circumstance, I tell you, it is fear that keeps you from loving yourself and another. And, it is this fear you have placed there but, only you can remove yourself. Wanting to be right is a form of fear. To keep your position of rightness is what keeps you apart from love and another.

Every defense you think is protecting you from heartache is actually keeping you from experiencing love. Therefore, you experience yourself as separate from another, instead of one, being connected to another, your natural inhertiance.

Take down the defenses and love again. It’s not world war 3, its love.

Article: Model the teaching, it gives us permission to do the same.

Model the teaching, it gives others permission to do the same.

Someone has to, introduce the light, or light bearer, to show that it exists within us.

Model forgiving yourself, it teaches others to forgive themselves.
Model being compassionate towards others pain, knowing that you have been to the same, this teaches other to do the same.
Model love and acceptance of others without judgment, you give others permission to be themselves and do the same.

Someone has to be the “door.” Jesus modeled this saying, “I am the Door, I am the way, the truth and the life,” by the way that he lived his teachings, not just the words he spoken.

Anyone can be the door for another. Not just Buddha, Jesus, Lao Tzu, Moses, etc;

You don’t have to be perfect as this work, that’s the point. To make mistake and learn from them.

Everyone is a teacher. The drug addict today, serves as model for others when they choose to become sober, get a degree and begin to counsel others to put down the drugs and stop avoiding their pain and feel it. Also, because they used to be that person.

We are here to lift each other up, hand and hand, step by step, moment by moment.

Not tear each other down, shoot each other up, abuse each other because, that is what society teaches us, music teaches us, or our family or our friends or because, it is the norm. You always have a choice.

When you model what others do, just because they do it, you may be betraying yourself, especially, if you are not happy being a follower.

Be different, do things no one does. Be a master of your own fate. By being you, you are authentic, you determine and create the life you desire. Be empowered and empower others.

You are the light because, you are the gift by your way of being your true self. It is not a doing, by a way of being.

You are not powerless, even if you think you are a victim to circumstance or disown your power to choose to see your life differently. You are always choosing to see how you perceive and create your life, every moment.

Real Spiritual Work (That We Avoid Doing) Tips:
Acknowledge your pain.
Give your self permission to feel it.
Experience it, sink into it.
Discover where it began, what thought caused it?
Write down the cause.
Allow the pain, feelings to flow and come up through you.
Accept it.
Breathe through it.
Be aware for the whole experience.

Article: 4 Things We Need As Partners & From Each Other

1) Alone time for ourselves to give each other space.

It allows partners away time from each other to bring something new into the relationship.
It allows time for what you love to do or a favorite hobby.
It allows time for friends.
It allows time for you to commune with The Divine.
It allows you time in Nature.
It allows one another time to calm down clear their head to figure our what they want to really say to our partners.
It allows us time to decompress from work before we return to our relationship.

2) To be a Mirror

Sometimes we need you to just to be just a listener, for us, for us to vent our thoughts and emotions. You just have to stay centered and not be offended. Because, if you do, it makes matters worse. So,don’t try to change us, give us advice, fix us or improve us or our situation. Just be present for us by being non-judgmental, loving and accepting.

3) To give advice or guidance.

Advice, when we are unsure of ourselves we look to you for alternate perspective than our own. You may see something we don’t see. So, we are being open-minded to your guidance. It doesn’t mean we have to use it or take it, we just want to hear what you have to say. Then, we will consult our inner guidance, and move on from there.

4) To be a comforter.

To just hug and hold us, and say it’s going to be okay. Even if you don’t believe it will.

How do you prefer do live? At peace with Reality or at war with it?

How do you prefer do live? At peace with Reality or at war with it?

Poem: The Source Within You

You have the Source within you, always.

The Source in not of this World.

The Source is indescribable in essence,

because, it is everywhere and now here

The Source is the qualities of your being
love, freedom, happiness, intuition, peace,
abundant, compassionate, authentic
patient, truthful, creative, courageous, transparent
and so much more.

There lis no-thing to hide
in Source,
but everything to give as Source

The Source is like looking at a child
but noticing its true fragrance
of inner qualities that make him/her beautiful

The Source is unconditional,
the world cannot give it salvation
because, it doesn’t need it

The world did not author the Source
but, Source authors the World

The world can try to judge, attack, manipulate, invent rules
and condemn the Source,

But, the Source operates upon Universal Laws
not man-made ones

The Source is eternal,
so you can’t kill it

You may try to destroy
the Source’s temporary body
but, you will never destroy Source

You may lie to Source
but, all forms of deceit eventually
are made know to the light of truth

Source does not need proof
or to prove
It is already is,
what it is was to be
and is going to be

So, why prove that which is already present within you

Source is the Way, the Life and the Truth
you need no other way home
than within you

The Source within you is your temple
the Christ, the Atman, the Un-nameable
where you only need to go to meet
Source, or your True Self

When you arrive here
you have returned home
where you never left
except for in your mind

When you return to the world tomorrow
its a new day for the Source

You know now
what you knew not yesterday
That everyone living being you meet
is only Source temporarily experiencing
as many-selves

So, you live loving others as yourself
not a words,
but a living teaching

And loving others is loving God
for that is what you are

And while those finite selves
take on a body for a short while
when the body has fulfilled it purpose for Source
Source drops the body
and makes its return home

Some call it Heaven
but, I know it not
all I do know is that
it is the absence of suffering
the absence of judgment
the absence of punishment

Therefore, it must be peaceful
and all encompassing as love

"The only Devil from which men must be redeemed is the self, the lower self. If man would find his devil he must look within; his name is self. If man would find his Savior he must look within; and when the demon self has been dethroned the Savior, Love, will be exalted to the throne of power."

The Aquarian Gospel of Jesus the Christ

Poem: Non-Being Is What We Use

"We work with being, but non-being is what we use.” - Tao Te Ching by & Lao Tzu & Stephen Mitchell

A new body makes space for the first breath For the divine essence of the newborn

A new relationship is born from the between the parents because of the child

Two lovers forms the space for martial union

A musician creates from silence a symphony

A photographer intuits a vision before life becomes a stilled image

A scientist composes a hypothesis before it becomes healing

A poet writes from inspiration a spiritual poem

A virus spreads only from a healthy host

A wave rises from its union with the moon’s cycles

A rose blossoms as a result of the gifts of the sun rays and clouds vapor

Evolution is in process as a result of no-thing

Only from nothing does something begins

If you love another love not only their appearance

It is only from the physical being the spirit of non-being exists that which is Divine lives through and the qualities of the human body

For a temporary moment enjoyed and shared with others one is truly loving when one loves that which comes through the body not the the body itself

That is true beauty qualities only that particular form has within which gives it an individual experience momentarily

Article: Are you listening to the Divine?

Are you listening to the Divine? Have you ever received intuitive wisdom?

Have you ever been in the presence of someone and you just knew you loved them?

Or, just knew something about them you did not know the moment before?

Like the information, image, just guided you, directed you, or dropped in your lap?

The information you received in a split moment, kept you alive or safe, just when you need it?

This is always the Divine speaking to you. Without rules, books, authority figures, etc; Just you and The Divine.

I receive direction always, not become I’m better or worser than anyone. But, because, my heart and my is open to God, revealing itself in unlimited ways, not in ways that “I” expect her or him too.

It is an “allowing” and giving up control and expectations. Then, what ever you need is given, even before you ask.

I wasn’t taught this by any particular church or religion. The information or wisdom is always there present within me, it is just revealed when I am ready. Like the saying, when the student is ready, the teacher appears.

So, I do not go to church, because, I do not need it. I do not praise any man as worser or lesser than I, because, I do not need an outer authority, to know who and what I am. God qualifies the called. And, being of service here is just as important as anywhere else.

The temple, the source is within me, and all around me. Not in buildings of wood and stone. It is in my brothers and sisters. In mother nature, in the heavens above, below and through all of life is being lived emanating around me. I love serving and being a example for all of you in the ways I do.

I just wanted to share that experience to let you know, you’re not alone in that being the only one. It happens to many of us.

Article: Meet life with acceptance, you flourish

Meet your life situation each moment with resistance, you suffer. Meet life with acceptance, you flourish.

Either way, you grow. One is not better than another. But, one path has less suffering.

Wanting your life situation to be different than what it is, you say, “This is unacceptable! He should not have left me!” From there, all your thoughts move to rationalize, and argue why this or that situation is unacceptable. You basically, try to make what is not true, a artificial reality true for you.

Is it true this or that is unacceptable? Is it true he should not have left you, when reality shows he did?

The Master knows, what always occurs is acceptable, because it happens naturally. Life cannot be any other way than it is in this moment, than what shows up.

The Master doesn’t argue with reality. The master loves what is so. From accepting the unacceptable, empowerment comes about to make new choices. While staying in resistance to what is, you are disempowered.

You choose consciously or unconsciously.

Article: I Didn’t Realize What Love Was Until… A Story of Awakening

When I believe I need your love, I fall asleep. I lose the awareness that it is already within me. I do not experience I have it anymore. So, I look to you, someone outside me, to provide love, because, I believe I do not have it.

When you give it, I am happy, when you take it away I am sad. I begin to be angry with you, resent you, and eventually hate you, because, you are not meeting my need for love. You’re not giving me the sex I want. You’re not giving me the approval or appreciation I need so, I have a fit. Then, I leave you.

"Our defenses reflect our wounds. But no person can heal those wounds." - Marianne Williamson

I believe I experience heartbreak. But, I am really experiencing the loss of attachment to need going. Then, I am alone. I eventually, come to accept its over. Then, I look to another person to fulfill the insecure need for love, I believe I do not have and then, it happens all over again. It keeps happening, until I begin to provide love to myself, my needs, my own insecurities. I have to begin to love and accept myself. No one else will do that for me.

"We believe our thoughts and we lose the awareness of our love. That thought become the obstacle to love." - The Work of Byron Katie

Later, I come to realize, she was never responsible for giving me love, and that it is my sole responsibility. I forgive her and myself. I begin to move on. I begin to be happy for my own accord. I understand love is not a need, but an energy that comes from me, and I experience it when I extend it to others. Like, my dog for example.

One day, I’m out at the beach, walking my dog and I meet a girl, sitting on the sand, reading a book that I was reading two days ago. I ask her, what she thinks of the book, and conversation, attraction and three years later a marriage springs from there. I ask myself, was it a coincidence, I met her on the beach that evening, reading that book, in that moment?

I realize, it was no accident, that life, God or the Universe conspired in my awakening to the love that was always within me, and gave me the opportunity to see if I was truly ready to love again without conditions, fears and insecurities.

And, guess what? I was. I was certain.

"Happiness is always present, available without conditions in this moment."

Marcus Thomas
A new birth, a new you.

A new birth, a new you.