"You must love and accept your own darkness in order to be a light bearer for others. Accepting your darkness does not mean becoming it, it means embracing it as apart of your experience, by allowing your self to feel it. Repression of the feeling you have not owned keeps you in pain. Feel what you are afraid to feel and that is love in action. You then teach us to do the same, and we become light bearers too."

Marcus Thomas

"Sin has no home in the Kingdom of Heaven because, only Love is Real. Everything else is an illusion."

Marcus Thomas

"Two people who are at odds with one another have to be willing to listen to one another without judgments, acknowledge each other faults to be able to move on and reconcile their differences. Love and forgiveness is a way to do that. Holding on to your positions of being right keep you apart. The only question is: Do you want to be right or happy? If you want to be happy, love them without conditions."

Marcus Thomas

"Stress happens when you do not want to be in the present moment because you want to be in the future or somewhere else. Or, when you believe your thoughts or imagine that something in the past or future is or will happen here and now without any real proof. This creates fear, worry and unease because you have overlayed this heavenly present moment with fearful thoughts, that are not real. Now, what was just heaven has now become a nightmare. Now, you’re scared of Love, Life, Happiness and of pursuing your Dreams, because you’ve believed your thoughts. Get rid of them, there not Real, just Illusions."

Marcus Thomas

"Freedom is having no worries about your future, regrets or resentments about the past, so you can be here and now in the present."

Marcus Thomas

The Message

When you leave here, home with God you never leave my child. You’re always here appearing on Earth as a person with a name or identity. But, that body you have is not real. Nor, is what you see on Earth. Nothing that happens on Earth is real. Because, what is real doesn’t change. The universe is all just a physical manifestation of nonphysical expression of who I am. It is just an experience. Tao, Christ, Love, Consciousness, God, Atman, Human, Plant, Animal, Star, Sun, Air doesn’t matter. It’s just a name trying to describe the boundlessness of what I am. The human mind, is limited to words and language, it will never be able to describe what I am. I am That, which cannot be uttered or spoken. I am the Unnamable. While you are there only to experience, yourself as Consciousness, you may or may not forget what you are. But, with time you will remember, you will desire to return home, like all things do.

People may display hate and fear towards you. But, I need you to forgive them always. I need you to be a light in the world of love and forgiveness. I need you to display courage in the mist of seeming fear. I need you to display compassion, in the mist of seeming prejudice. I need you to share your abundance, your joy, your gifts and extend the glory of what you are, what I am, so that others may know that they themselves have what you have. Their is no other way for love to come, unless there is an opposite to play with. Their is no other way to demonstrate forgiveness, unless their is something to forgive. Their is no other way to demonstrate peacefully, unless their is strife. You have to model what you are, in the face of all seeming appearances that come and go, so that you and another can know, that love is real. Faith is real. You are the way, the Life, and the Truth. How else can you bring Heaven on Earth, but by demonstrating you are always in a state Happiness, Love, Peace and Joy, always. That is your natural inheritance.

But, how can you kill, harm or murder what is Eternal? It’s like trying to catch Air or water in you hands. It slips right through, its impossible. But, not impossible to believe that you are your body/mind. You were given free will to have that experience on Earth. You will your own suffering and happiness. One of these is the real. One of these is an illusion. One of these is your natural state always and the other fluctuates. Which one are you? All I can do, is point you back to the truth about you. You have to be willing to experience the truth for yourself.

When you believe you are the body/mind, you believe you can die. But, awareness knows that you experience yourself as a body/mind, but the brain and body dies and guess what? You’re still there. Consciousness never resides in the body/mind. The body/mind resides in Consciousness. All minds are one mind. All appearing things are Consciousness, or me and you.

You can spend you human existence, trying to deny who you are. Or, try to create a self in your own image, but you cannot kill what I am. You cannot even kill yourself. You may lay down the body, but guess what, you still have to deal with yourself.

All issues you have on Earth, are the results from your own mind. From you believing your thoughts, from believing you are a body/mind. From believing your are separate form one another. From believing you are not loved. It is like a dream, if you believe you are that, you make it real.

But, how can one be a body/mind, when one is aware of the mind’s thoughts and body’s functions? You must be that which experiences itself as the body/mind. You must be that which watches the clouds pass over the sky, not the clouds themselves. So, how can you actually be fear? You can’t. You’re only Love, because, Love is real. This is the message that has been spoken time, and time again. When will you believe it? When will you heed the truth spoken through these words?

You are the Light, so am I.
You are Love, so am I.
You are Creative, so am I.
You are Home, so am I.
All is One.

"Your perception of what someone is, is never real. It is just a thought overlaying a person (Reality), to make up what you believe about them. Without thought, without a story, reality is just this. No you, no me. Just connectedness, love and oneness. This is what you feel when you look into another person’s eyes. You see yourself, reflected as LOVE in them and in you."

Marcus Thomas

"When you believe that you are justified in not forgiving someone else, you are punishing yourself."

Marcus Thomas

Exercise: Freedom From The Stories, You’ve Told Yourself

Your story about what someone should or shouldn’t have done to you is what’s keeping you from the freedom of being happy, loved and abiding in the safety of God.

Today, think about one thing this person shouldn’t or should have done, hold an image of them in your mind.

For example, addicts use anything (Food, Alcohol, Sex, Cigarettes, Consumerism, Drugs) it takes not to feel the pain within your own heart. Maybe it is time for each of us, to take time out of our day for ourselves, to begin a inner healing. To take at look at the pain to see what it really is about. Maybe you need to forgive another, or forgive yourself. To see things different. To experience our pain, fearlessly by allowing stagnant feelings to actually come up and flow as e-motions. Then, accept that it is okay to feel what we have felt and surrender to the peace after we have explored our own pain. This is the beginning of self-love.

Close your eyes, fill up your heart by remembering when you truly felt loved. See the light of love in your self. Accept that life could not have shown up any other way. Release your story, your pain, your thoughts about them. Now transfer and share that love you feel to your brother so he can feel the love of God. Stay with this until you see the light of love emanates from their presence.

You may stop and open your eyes when you feel you have forgiven them, and now see them as God see you as perfect, whole, safe, love, and sinless.

"The power of God doesn’t come from observing scripture alone. The power of God comes through the living the way, the life and truth of love in your actions moment to moment as the your experience."

Marcus Thomas

"You are not the doer of your life, God is."

Marcus Thomas

Article: Stop Comparing Yourself to Others

When you compare yourself to others, focusing on what you think they have, that you believe you don’t that stops the creative process. You begin to envy others. You begin to want what they have, because, deep within you, you fear God was having a bad day when he made you. You believe that he must have not given you the tools as he did everyone else.

In that moment, you move from a state of Heaven (Peace/Love/Oneness) to the state of Hell (Pain, Fear, Separation). You move from a place of empowerment to powerlessness. From seeing yourself as a creator to victim. You move from a place of abundance within, to perceiving yourself as lacking, unworthy, or inadequate.

The next thing you may do is doubt yourself. Then, you find someone to blame outside of you. They become this “enemy” you have to be in competition with. This is projection. Because, the last place you do not want to look at the one place that this has begun. It has started in your own mind.

All of this is the result of your thoughts, you believed them, you created the emotions and now they have manifested in your experience.

The funny thing is: None of your thoughts about comparison is true. It doesn’t matter how much you rationalize it. Why? Cause, God holds and sees the truth in his children he created.

Meaning, you are powerful, limitless being within a body, who can create their own destiny through the freedom of using your will through love or fear.

That’s how creative God made you. God made you so creative that you can make yourself suffer and you can bring yourself back to peace. You get back to peace by forgiving yourself. Literally, by giving up the beliefs of comparison, doubt, envy or lack you had believed about yourself. You let yourself off the hook. You remove the block of fear out of the way to return to the truth within you. That you are light, love, whole, abundant, fearless, and a empowered being of God. That is your salvation you receive for yourself.

Focusing on lack is like complaining about being broke, but not willing to change your situation. But just stay broke. The energy is very dis-empowering.

When you focus on what you have. What you can give to others, you are coming from a place of empowerment, uplifting and inspiring because, you recognize you have something to share with others. This is truly loving yourself.

"There is no such thing as a “hater,” just false imaginary concepts of people in your mind that you believe that envy you, just so you can make yourself appear superior to others. It is literally, a egoic projection. The person who thinks that they have haters must fear being loved, or noticed. Why? Because, they have to have the imaginary belief someone needs to really hate them to feel noticed, or love within themselves. Sound kinda insane huh? Well, thats the ego, not the person, it operates in all of us."

Marcus Thomas

"If you doubt your dream it may never come true because the doubt of fear is stronger than your faith in manifesting your dream. If you pray, have faith beyond a doubt that God will answer it. It may not be the way you want, but God always answers your prayers."

Marcus Thomas

"Heaven is not a place nor a condition. It is merely an awareness of perfect Oneness, and the knowledge that there is nothing else; nothing outside this Oneness, and nothing else within."

A Course In Miracles