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Article: Is It Flirting or Simply Noticing Beauty?


Is It Flirting or Noticing Beauty?
To be realistic, you have to understand that human beings will stare, glance, and look at each other out of simply just being appreciative of another persons beauty. They don’t just do it to people but, to art, newborn babies, music, watching a sunset or rise, or nature. Just because, a woman/man see another as beautiful in certain way, does not mean the person they are coupled with is not lovable or not loved as at all. It just means they are noticing that another person is beautiful. 

If they laugh, or enjoy being in their presence that is not a bad thing. It is only conducive if what they act on infringes on the agreements they setup in their relationship. Your partner was looking at men and women before they met you, they will after. Not because they want them, but because their beautiful. 

When you tell a person they can’t do something, you are not loving them, you’re trying to control them because, you fear you will lose the love in your relationship. 

If you are insecure, you need to ask yourself, “Can I really lose the love in the relationship or is it my thoughts just projecting it fears onto the relationship?”

In reality, you can never lose the love you have for someone. You love them because, you love them. It does not matter if they love you. Your love for them is not conditional on the fact they love you. You love them because it is a joy, to love being in the presence of them.

Am I saying flirting does not exist? 
No, I am saying that just cause flirting appears as that does not mean its flirting. But, consider you might just be overreacting. If your partner is flirting let your concerns and listen to theirs be heard but, don’t tell them what to do or that will exacerbate the issue and they will eventually leave you because you were not accepting them as they are.

Either they will continue to flirt or consciously change their behavior. But, if you are trying to control your relationship is a recipe for disaster. 

Consider your partner is teaching you to love without conditions by bringing up your insecurities and fears. That is a lesson to learn.

To truly love, means being free to be who you are without judgment, manipulation, control or fear. That means all the lying games stop when it comes down to real love.

Noticing when you are in fear:
Just know when you’re in fear, you are not loving, when you’re being insecure or controlling, jealous or possessing, you are not loving. That is your opportunity to grow.

"We’re all here in this life to teach each other how to love without conditions. It’s getting rid of your preconceived ideas about love, so real love and come through the both of you."

“ The belief that your happiness lives in a imagined future is postponing the happiness you could have now in this moment. Be happy now and allow everything you do to come from that place of beingness. When what you do comes from happiness, you attract more happiness as a result. ”

—    Marcus Thomas

“ I am firm believer in that you attract what you are. When girls do not love themselves, they attract men who treat them in unloving ways to teach them the lesson to love themselves and their worth more than what they have been told or taught. When girls get tired time and time again from getting their heartbroken, they’ll realize what they wanted was a good man. This is the process of becoming a woman. A process of discernment. Knowing your worth as a woman you set boundaries on what you can allow in your life or not allow. ”

—    Marcus Thomas

“ Creativity does not come from man, it comes from that which is greater than man. It is the Master who know this, which is why he allows himself to operate as a vessel for the infinite to express through his human form. It is the egoic man that does not. The egoic man thinks, he is the owner, is too attached to his works, which is why he success is never long-lasting, nor is his works of quality. The egoic man’s creativity comes and goes like the wind. He’s angry when its not present, because he can’t control it. He’s angry when his image is not praised, because, he has become identified with his works. He has to remember that he is not “the works.” ”

—    Marcus Thomas

“ God cares less about the words of scripture, than living the words in the flesh. When you do not live what you know, others discover how false you are. It does you no good to just know knowledge.“Application of knowledge” is required, only then does knowledge become lived as “wisdom” or in the flesh. It only does you well, if you live it everyday. ”

—    Marcus Thomas

Two of my favorite songs by Sigur Ros - Hoppípolla / Með Blóðnasir

Spiritually uplifting and heartfelt. 

Let Yourself Off The Hook, Embrace Your Inherent Goodness

If you’re know your true worth, you have no reason to feel guilty. You make a mistake you, apologize, decide to correct it, by not making it again. 

That worth is not found in books, beliefs, or given to you by society. It is within you.

If you’re good and feel guilty, you must confuse your worth with the identity of your ego. It comes and goes like the wind. One day you’re a victim, next you’re a villain. That’s the world of duality. The world of projection.

True goodness is not dependent on outward circumstances. It is eternal. Give up the guilt, your goodness returns. You remember it was always there, it was only the thought or belief that kept you from your eternal goodness. 

Keep the guilt, it stays. Keep the belief, you stay in suffering. 

You hold the key to your freedom always. You’ve always been good, always been loved. You’ve always been worthy. That’s your inherent goodness. Let your self off the hook today.

“ Life happens for you, not to you. It is a friend, not an enemy. It is empowering, not stagnating. You are the creator, not the victim. ”

—    Marcus Thomas

“ In religion the ego manifests as the devil, and of course no one realizes how smart the ego is because it created the devil so you could blame someone else. There is no such thing as an external enemy, no matter what that voice in your head is telling you. All perception of an enemy is a projection of the ego as the enemy. ”

—    Dr. Deepak Chopra M.D
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“ Instead of judging one another
from mental positions,
consider accepting one another
as compassionate living. ”

—    Marcus Thomas

“ You say, "I don’t believe I’m loved,"
as such is an idea;
Give up that belief,
you’ll see it’s always been right here ”

—    Marcus Thomas

Article: The Present Empowers

The Present Moment Empowers, The Past Vetos Your Power

In reality, the past doesn’t exist. The only moment we have with each other is now, in this moment. When you recall things that have happened into the present, and you mull them over in your mind, believing that things could or should have been different, when they are not, you are giving the past power over your mind. Dwelling takes you out of your power, it takes you out of the Now. Over-thinking, blaming, shaming, judging, resenting, hating all keeps you in your past, throws you out of the Now. 

While each precious moment is passing, the question is where are you?

Something you can do, to keep you in the present, when you mind projects into the past or future is to ask yourself, “What’s the reality of this?” By being aware of your thoughts and feelings, you can consciously begin to know when you mind goes astray and when to wheel it back in to the stillness of being.

The reality is that these events happened and there was nothing you could do about it at the time. Otherwise, you would have. That’s the reality. You cannot alter what has already occurred. But, you can make new choices. Now, that is empowering. 

Making new choices, takes you out of the past and brings you into the present. Acceptance of what has happened brings inner peace. Being present in this moment takes you out of your shame, guilt, anger, grief or blame and into your power to be a Creator of new experiences here in the Now.

“ Enlightenment means to regain awareness of Being. It is simply your natural state of felt oneness with All That Is. It is a state of connectedness with something paradoxically that is essentially you, but yet, greater than you. It is experiencing your real nature beyond name and form. ”

—    Eckhart Tolle, Practicing the Power of Now