"If you take responsibility for someone else’s mistakes or actions, they’ll never learn to take responsibility for themselves or the mistakes they make."

Marcus Thomas

"If you emanate joy from what you love being, you attract loving men or women into your life."

Marcus Thomas

"If you know how your mind thinks, you know how the worlds minds think. If you know how people think, you know the psychology of the world. You know how to heal the mind, and the world follows. You know to change your mind and change the world. For both are one."

Marcus Thomas

From Grievances to Release: Forgiveness or The “F” word in a nutshell

As long as we hold on to our grievances towards one another, we can never truly be happy.

Happiness is your natural state of being.

Withholding forgiveness for yourself or another keeps you from that natural state of happiness.

No one else can keep happiness, peace or love from you, you alone withhold it from yourself.

The unforgiving mind has it reasons of course. But, those reasons alone, never give you the peace, love or happiness that exists here and now. The unforgiving mind wants you to believe, that by withholding you are getting back at another. You are getting even, or to be honest, your revenge. But, how insane it is to believe that getting even, in a unloving way can bring you peace, joy, love or even happiness?

If anything, pain does nothing but cause more pain. And, the unforgiving mind loves being attached to its “story” of why you should say suffering. Never realizing, you are living in a hell of suffering, when you can choose otherwise.

Forgiveness is the bridge that helps return you to that state, by the choice of letting go of what you think others have done to you. By choosing to see the situation differently. To see it as it is. Because, holding onto it, has not made you happy. It has not brought you peace. It has not made you loving.

Forgiveness brings you back to here and now, the Reality. You see what has happened, has happened. The past cannot be changed to fit what you wanted to happened, because, it is the past.

So, you release what you think should have happened, so you can be happy here and now. That is the “F” word or Forgiveness in a nutshell.

"Love is not a contract. It is not conditional agreement. It is not possessing, controlling, manipulating, judging or attacking. It is unconditional, accepting, and effortless. It has no requirements. It lives, and let live. It extends to everyone, because, it cannot be contain, for its grandeur is beyond human conception. It can be felt, it can be shared. It is not something you have to chase, or get. For, everyone has it. But, everyone does not remember they have it within them. It is never exclusive, but inclusive for it is born within everyone. It comes and goes where it wants. It is never lacking, it is always present, and undying. It is eternal. It is not of the earth, it is of Heaven. Anything else, is the artificial version"

Marcus Thomas

"If you forgive someone you are not condoning what they have done to you or another, you are choosing to live with a loving heart and a peaceful mind."

Marcus Thomas

"If you choose to show your love for others through: kind words, acts of service, giving gifts, sharing quality time, and physical touch, do it because, you enjoy doing it for you to give to others. Don’t do things for others, because, you’re trying to get love from others and expect them to show you love in the same way. Because, that is fearful, controlling, manipulative and insecure. Each us has our own way we individually show our love and to expect another to give you love in the way you do is to place a limiting condition on love. It has moved to a contract and stopped being love. Love is without conditions, it is who we are, we share it, we experience our own love. We withhold it, we stifle our love and move to fear."

Marcus Thomas

"It is an illusion to believe that another person has the power to complete you. It is the misplaced desire of seeking wholeness in any drug, material possession, career, status or person that keeps you locked in the search of seeking something you believe you lack within you. It is this thought or belief that has to be investigated to be seen for the falsity that it is. The seeking ends when we realize that only we can share our completeness, because the source of it is inside us."

Marcus Thomas
Your Inner Awakening - (Disc 3)

What's my purpose?

Your Inner Awakening - (Disc 3)

Byron Katie

Great audio from Your Inner Awakening, Byron Katie explores the beliefs, “What’s my purpose?, I don’t have a purpose?”

"What is there to seek within the world when ultimately, you’re the one you’ve been looking for? Nothing, I tell you, nothing. The gray skies have cleared. The heavens have opened and the sun of awareness is shining through with clarity. The chase is complete and being here now as you are is the primary purpose and the joy of being here in this present moment."

Marcus Thomas

"The ego goes to great length to deny God (you) because it wants to be God (you). And it does it’s best to make you identify with your thoughts, concepts, and belief systems, so you do not go within yourself, to find out who you truly are. So, it keeps your salvation out in the world away from you, having you seek endlessly for happiness, love, peace, and joy in the world. So you do not ever realize the answers was all inside you."

Marcus Thomas

"You may pray for things you want, but God always give you gift you need. Your job is not to judge what you receive but accept it. Because, by not accepting your gift, you are saying you know more than the Creator and if you do, you will be disappointed. If you do not know, accept what you received. It may not come the way you want, but, it is never unanswered. Unless, what you asked for was out of alignment with, what your true intention was in your heart."

Marcus Thomas

Article: The Man Who Died From Cancer: A Story of Healing

The Man Who Died From Cancer: A Story of Healing

Reality is what you see from your mind.
Perception is how you see it.

When you see Reality and you judge, argue, attack, or deny what is so, you suffer because you are using your perception to not accept what is, and to create Reality in your own image. This is not wrong but incorrect. You are using your thoughts you give your own meaning to Reality to avoid what you don’t want. Rather than accepting Reality for what it is and be at peace with it, even if you don’t agree with it.

Example of Incorrect Use of Perception:
You arrive at the hospital see the one you love that has cancer, on the bedside in their last moments. They die and you say to yourself, “He shouldn’t have died.” You are “wanting” to deny the Reality, that they died. So, you become angry, your body tenses up, you lash out at the doctors. They tell you, they can’t do anymore and they are sorry. But, you are blinded by your thoughts, your anger, your resistance to Reality. Your family calms you down, grabs hold of you.

Example of Correct Use of Perception:
20mins later, you sit and you accept the Reality, that your loved one just died. And, you release that anger, that resistance and emotions by crying, you cry until there is nothing else to cry about. Moving that stagnant energy to motion is what e-motions are. Energy in motion. Afterwards, you feel peace, your mind is literally, blank. You are clear. You know you are okay. Now, that is a healing. That’s God working for you, through you. This is how spirituality is lived.

To conclude, your thoughts about Reality, either creates suffering or peace. You are always the one creating. When you project your thoughts onto reality, you lose. When you accept reality, you win. Growth happens either way for you to wake up like Plato.

"You can’t be a light unto the world by holding grievances towards one another. You must forgive yourselves for establishing the grievances and love one another as you are. That is being a light unto the world. A light of love. A light for God."

Marcus Thomas

"When you fear someone or something what you don’t understand, you place others or it at a distance, you regard it as an enemy and you treat it or others as separate from yourself. It is because, you have are holding on to your sense of egoic rightness that, what you don’t understand has not been let in. You fear the unknown may hurt you. Is it true? It just may be the thought that its true. It is this believing the thought, that keeps you away from knowing. Closed mind, closed heart. Open mind, open heart. So, open your heart and mind, to the unknown or what you don’t know, empty your cup so you may receive understanding, insight, wisdom. That is the only way prejudice ends in all areas of social inequality. Until you love your brother and sister as yourself, your spiritual work is not done. Embrace what is different, is enhances the depth of your being."

Marcus Thomas